Gedicht - Where are the colors
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Where are the colors

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Where are the colors 


Where are the colors of your heart
Those unfinished circles of your dreaming mind
Where are the lines of your thoughts
as you wrote them in the depth of my soul
No one was closer to you than me

Where have the wings brought you home safely
When you decided to seek the warmth of the sun
Where on the flight that you lonely began
were het clouds to rest on other than in me
No one loved you more than me

Where are you?
i hear the memory of you
Oh, I feel desire on my skin
Yes, I feel your hands in mine
No longer fly ahead of me
Where are you,
fori feel the needs of your soul
I feel the pain and loneliness
I hear the memory of you
Never i will lose the touch,
where are you?

Where are the colors of my hope

Those who conjured crystals on your lovely face
Where are the moments of the sultry nights
as i dream them in the rhythm of my heart
No one understands you better than me

Where to comfort you when you suffer
At the end of your flees burned by the heat of the sun
there my tears will heal your overtired wings
Like i tender catch you in my unbroken heart
No one loves you more, than... i do


Corrason  ©
April 22nd. 2013



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