Gedicht - Tears of joy
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Tears of joy

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Today, i ask you plain,
to relieve the pain,
that keeps me awake,
each hour every night,
again and again.
For heaven´s sake,
stop hurting my heart,
i´m falling apart,
you´re not mine to take

For now,
I ask you why?
The day with laughter,
the night to cry !
Why can´t I weep,
my eyes to sleep?
if only I could see,
in your wink,
to me.

Tonight, you turn my brain
and the love I gain,
will burn inside,
again and again.
For heaven´s sake,
why don´t we see,
i´m not yours to be.
A glance to break.

So now,
I´ll tell you why
The days with laughter,
The nights to cry,
we both won´t sleep,
with eyes to weep.
You only will see,
the tears of joy,
in the blink,
by me !


Geplaatst op: 03 april 2008 - 08:52

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