Gedicht - Power of Love
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Power of Love

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All alone in the night,
crossing the deep dark sky.
It appears to me, suddenly
so clear, so bright …
Amongst stars above,
I can’t get enough.
Breath, taken away,
by the power of love
Baby please stay,
stay, all-right
stay, stay, with me …..

Baby, don´t leave,
Baby, don´t fight,
Baby, please, do surrender
for the power of my love …
truly is tender !

Surrender please, Baby….
Surrender …..

Would like to shout
and cry out loud.
Shake the stars above.
Now I can´t muster enough
Courage being overwhelmed
by that power of love
It must be all right,
when i stay with you,
turn darkness into light.
For that and more,
wanna´ stay, stay,
stay, with you ….
Tonight !

Baby, won´t leave now,
Baby, won´t fight,
Baby, I surrender,
for the purity of your love,
is so tender, oh..
heaven´s, so tender.

I surrender…
I surrender…hold tight,.
I really do surrender… Baby…
…this night !


Geplaatst op: 09 april 2008 - 13:27

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